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We Have Been Caring
For Assisted Living Residents
And Home Bound Residents
For Over 18 Years
We Were The First To Provide This Service
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We Have Treated Over 3000 Residents
In Over Twenty Five Facilities
No One Has More Experience
In This Type Of Dentistry
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Depending On Relatives
Or Friends To Take You
To The Dentist Can Be
A Great Inconvience
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So We Bring Our State Of
The Art Mobile Equipment
To Wherever You Are
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We Have Extensive
Experience With People
That Have Special Needs
And Require Dental Care
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With Our Up To Date
Mobile Dental Equipment
We Can Provide Many Of
The Proceedures That Are
Performed At A Dental Facility
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Edward J. Klein, DMD

1120 Raritan Road
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Mobile Dental Coach

Director Edward J. KLein DMD

Years ago we realized how difficult it was for residents of Assisted Living homes to seek dental treatment. Often they had to have friends or relatives transport them to a dental office for routine treatment. In 1998 we were one of the first dentists in the country to visit Assisted Living homes to provide dental care for the residents. At that time we developed portable dental equipment, because there really was no such equipment for us to purchase. Now we have improved state of the art mobile equipment capable of doing routine dental care no matter where we are required to go. No longer do residents have to feel as though their imposing on their loved ones. Moving into an Assisted Living Facility can be a stressful experience. Often there is a feeling of loss of independence that accompanies or even causes the stress. Knowing that the stress of having to travel to a dental office is eliminated makes a big difference.

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Mobile Dentist

Director Edward J. Klein, DMD

Mobile Dental Coach serves Assisted Living Communities and private homes throughout the state of New Jersey. Dr. Klein has been in private practice since 1966. Many of his patients have been with him for more than 30 years. He began to see that some of these patients were moving into Assisted living Homes or just were no longer capable of comming to his office. This inspired him to approach Assisted Living Communities and begin treating residents at the facilities.

Currently Mobile Dental Coach serves over 25 Assited Living Communities and countless patients in private homes. Please see our mobile dentist and dental care to see how we can help you to maintain dental health no matter wear you are.

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