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Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

People often speak of implants with little or no knowledge of the proceedures that are involved. Implants dentistry actually consists of two separate proceedures. First the implant itself is placed in the upper or lower jaw bone. Replacement of the actual tooth or teeth is a additional proceedure. Traditionally the implants were placed and after several months the replacement teeth were attached to the implant.

Additionally implants were previously placed with very little regard to their actual location and often the results were unpredictable and implant failure was the result. As an example suppose you were building a home and the contractor did not make use of a full set of valid blue prints during construction. Considering the complexity of this task including site planning, framing, electrical, plumbing etc. what chance do you think there would be for a successful outcome. The same reasoning applies to implant placement. Today we have the ability, thanks to CBT scanning techniques, to precisely place implants so that the final result has the best chance of being successful. Unfortunately many dentist do not take advantage of these techniques and the final result is not predictable. Implant dentistry is not inexpensive and poor technique in the placement of implants can result in costly failure. We make full use and have been trained in computerized scanning techniques to facillate in most optimum placement of implants. There have been many horror stories associated with improper placemant of implants. Our promise to you is that we will utilize the most up todate technology to increase the success of your implant experience.

In many cases implants can be placed in the jaw bone and teeth can be attached on the very same day. In order to perform this service there are several office visits to prepare for the replacement of teeth. This usually involves an initial examination, a health history, x-ray examination and a diagnostic work up. Subsequently implants are placed and non-removable teeth are placed on the very same day.

All on four implants have been established for mor than 15 years with great success. They offer an alternative treatment to many implants per arch and in many instances can be placed where little to bone is available for traditional implants. An additional advantage to All On 4 © implants is that this technique permits total tooth replacement in a single day. This is also known as same day tooth replacement.

We work in close relation with specialist including Malo Dental Implant Facility to provide a same day non-removable total tooth replacement that will provide a solution to loose dentures or in patients with loose, broken down or missing teeth. Function and natural looking teeth are now possible in a single day as opposed to months of waiting for implants to heal and teeth being constructed.

Our commitment is to provide our patients with the very best treatment available. Each individual may require a different approach to accomplish a desired result. Our team of specialists work together to insure that treatment is accomplished in a professional manner.

Please contact our office for a consultation where the benefits of All On 4 © tooth replacement will be explained in full..